Australian Birds

Tasmanian endemic species

Taslaong 2008- A shared trip around Tasmania's best birding sites for members of  Bird Observation and Conservation Australia.


crested tern

 white-fronted chat
Crested Tern Hooded Plover White-fronted Chat
 bronzewing green rosella 
Common Bronzewing Green Rosella Eastern Rosella
 strong-billed honeyeater
Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo Galah Strong-billed honeyeater
Great Egret Kookaburra Magpie
 crescent honeyeater
Pelican Crescent Honeyeater Tasmanian thornbill

Beautiful Firetail Fantailed Cuckoo Superb Fairy Wren
Black-headed Honeyeater White-breasted Sea Eagle Wedge-tailed Eagle
Spotted Night Jar Weebill Mallee Fowl
Southern Scrub-robin White-browed Babbler Gilbert's Whistler
Jacky Winter Superb Fairy- wren (female) Grey Butcherbird




Masked Lapwing Flame Robin Grey Fantail
Tawny frogmouth Yellow-throated honeyeater White-faced Heron