Planting Guide

The chart below shows the planting sequence I use for Winderdoon. This will vary on the latitude of your garden and the aspect of your garden to some degree.


Week 1



Week 4

Week 5

January Sweet Corn; Spring Onions; Bush Beans; Lettuce; Radish; Cauliflower;Transplant Brussels Sprouts;Broccoli seed;Carrots; Kale,English spinach      Spring Onions;Lettuce; Radish; Cauliflower; Broccoli seed;Cabbage  
February Broccoli seed; cauliflower , carrots for autumn

Fennel seedlings


Cauliflower seedlings;Broccoli seedlings

Spring Onions; Leek seedlings

Chinese Cabbage seed (Wong Bok) (Bok Choy)

March Radish; Merida F1 Carrots; Coriander, Beetroot,spring onions(Lisbon) Chinese Cabbage ( Wong Bok) (Bok Choy) Leek seedlings Garlic, Overwintering bulbing Onions; Shaftal clover, Broccoli seedlings, Lettuce, Cauliflower seedlings Lettuce  
April Lettuce;Garlic; Shaftal Clover   Garlic;Overwintering Onions; transplant lettuce; Spring Onions;Peas    
May Lettuce,cabbage, Cauliflower   Spring Onions    

Broad Beans

Onions Lettuce;cabbage;cauli  
July sow odourless onion seeds indoors Prune Grapes   transplant onions& fertilise;  
August Peas;     Lettuce;Radish;Peas;Start tomato seedlings indoors  
September Peas;Lettuce;Broccoli;Pepper seedlings indoors; spinach;Cauliflower.;Cabbage; Broad Beans (last chance) Carrots;Radish Beans(will survive if no frost)    
October Cabbage;Broccoli;Celery seed Parsley; Summer Carrots; Silver Beet; Beetroot;Spring Onions;Leeks; Lettuce;Radish;Spinach      

Zuchinni;Pumpkin;Squash;Sweet Corn;Lettuce;Climbing Beans;Tomato seedlings outside;French Beans;Silver Beet;Beetroot;Carrot;Spring Onions;Radish; Chinese CabbageCucumber

December Lettuce;Radish;Celery seed;sweet corn ;transplant Leeks   Brussels Sprouts seed;Autumn Caulis seed;