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Science Alert -the latest articles on environmental science issues.

Read from a number of exciting projects reported by CSIRO magazine ECOS

Activities to enact scenarios that will reflect Australia's changing temperature and rainfall patterns to 2070 relative to a 1990 baseline. The 50th percentile provides a best estimate result. Students can choose a particular area for reference by clicking on the map of Australia.

Produced by Questacon, this teacher climate change handbook (pdf, 2.4MB) has a series of hands-on activities, background information and curriculum links.

Garnaut Climate Change Review

Understanding Healthy Waterways Package - Natural Resources Management in Tasmania  -suitable for classroom activities Grades 3-6

Origin Energy Educational Resources suitable for classroom activities Grades 5-10

Home Energy Project Years 7-9

Curriculum Links on energy saving - Victoria, South Australia, Queensland

Energy Australia- renewable energy

Big Picture Small World

The Campus Green Game!

A live, interactive, experiential simulation where 20–150 players become responsible for your school's energy use (and much else), as they make choices and plans that green your school. Bring it to your school, your college, your community.
Now, before the climate changes.

World Wildlife Fund Resources   Top   

Dangerous Aspirations: Beyond 3 degrees Warming in Australia
"WWF's Dangerous Aspirations: Beyond 3 Degrees Warming" report outlines the environmental consequences for Australia should the Australian government continue to support international greenhouse gas agreements that will ultimately result in a global temperature rise of average 3 degrees or more in the future.
The report shows that in addition to effects such serious loss of water resources and agriculture, increased bushfires, heat-related deaths, extreme weather and population displacement, a 3 degree rise in average temperature would trigger an unstoppable climate 'tipping point', where the threshold for irreversible change will almost certainly be crossed. This type of tipping point may already be occurring in the Arctic."
Climate Solutions WWF's vision for 2050   3.24 mb .pdf
Australia's average temperatures have increased 0.9% since 1950 with significant regional variations. This CSIRO site presents scenarios for future climate change in Australia given a range of changes in atmospheric composition of Carbon Dioxide. Report dated October 2007 .
Australian Species & Climate Change - .pdf 1mb
Climate Change Solutions

Australian Conservation Foundation ACF LogoNational Agenda for a sustainable Australia
Bureau of Meteorology Australia's Climate

Tasmanian Climate Change - a Hydro report
a CSIRO report
Australia is ignoring solar power: ABC News report - October 2007
The Silence of Extinction
- a memorial project to heighten awareness of the annual global extinction rate. Use the link "For Schools" to proceed to appropriate strategies for a particular age group.
Australian Government Action on Climate Change - Policy statement .pdf

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The Polar Sciences Collection heads talking sense. There are many resources here from well qualified ecologists.

30 videos tagged climate change in the Energy category 30 videos tagged climate change in the Energy category

Power Point Presentations



IPCC 4th Assessment Findings PowerPoint
In June 2007 World Education Fellowship held an International Conference to involve youth in the issues on Climate Change. Tasmanian students from Launceston Church Grammar School and students from Mumbai ( West coast of India) participated. You can view their presentation here .
Global Education in Context :
History of solar power . These pages present a history of significant milestones in the recognition of the Sun's source of energy and the changes in harnessing its energy. 2500BC-1435     1452-1767     1860-1899     1905-1954     1955-1984    1993-2007
The Synergy Between Renewable Energy and Emerging Transport Solutions- John Titchner, Manager, Business Development, Roaring Forties Tasmania. Delivered as The Stanhope Oration of the Australian Science Teachers' Association 2009.

This is a creative look at where renewable energy can take us in the not too distant future.

Antarctica- the Coldest, Driest, Highest Continent on Earth . Power Point by Chris Forbes-Ewan .ppt 7mb Global Climate Change Student Guide -A review of contemporary and prehistoric climate change. Joe Buchdahl. .pdf

Tutorials In Science


Primary Online Tutorials in Science : Some basic lessons in  science for teachers. Within this site. An excellent summary of the underlying science in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth&Space. We gratefully acknowledge Edupuzzles for this generous contribution to our work.

Lesson Plans


Lesson plans for teaching the science of climate change at Earth Day network

Teaching The Science of Climate Change

The Australian Institute of Physics ( Victorian Education Committee) has established a most helpful series of documnets for Science Teachers here

Greenhouse Gases: A helpful guide on energy, emissions and greenhouse gases

Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology - Curriculum materials for students & Teachers
Global Education- Global Learning Quests

UNEVOC - Teaching & Learning for a Sustainable Future

Curriculum and resources for a global education curriculum
NOAA National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Primarily for teachers Climate Change & Our Planet
How weather influences world climate - a lesson plan using examples from an Australian experience .

Teaching Climate Change - 9 modules for Years 9-10 on climate change issues

The modules will be best suited to teachers in the humanities, namely in the studies of society and environment, geography and economics. Modules 1, 2 and 9,

which cover the science and impacts of climate change and nuclear energy, will also provide useful background for science teachers.

The Science of climate change     The impacts of climate change     Australia's emissions     International negotiations    The ethics of climate change

The economics of climate change         Forms of energy generation        Solutions to reduce Australia's emissions        Nuclear Energy

Earth Day Network Earth Day Network   Environmental Lesson Plans K-12 Earth Day Network and the Environmental Education Program
USA Department of Energy . On this site you'll find links to more than 350 lesson plans and activities on energy efficiency and renewable energy for grades K-12. Each includes a short summary that identifies curriculum integration, time, materials, and national standards.

Forest Education Foundation - Forest Education offers a wide range of information for teachers and students about Tasmania's forests, their evolution, ecology and management over time as well as an insight into the forest industries in Tasmania.            Sustainability & Forests


The Green Home Guide- a comprehensive website on how to make your decisions on home building and home maintenance climate friendly.

This site was referred to us by the author who has offered her time to generate this resource.

Activities - Interactive on the web


Ecological Impacts of Climate Change

Life on Earth is profoundly affected by the planet's climate. Explore some of the ecological impacts of climate change that have already been observed—right in your own backyard.(USA) Understanding and responding to climate change


Energy Resources-

Created by Andy Darvill,
Science teacher at Broadoak Mathematics and Computing College, Weston-super-Mare, England
Web site

hydro logoHands On Activity Centre How Electricity Works Hydro Electricity Water Turbines Pathways of Power
Generating Electricity Transmitting Alternating Current Three Phase Alternating Current Insulators Transformers Conductors
Dividing up the Power Managing the System
Building A Dam Construction of a Dam Dam Construction - 1 Dam Construction - 2 Dam Construction - 3 Dam Construction - 4
Overview of Dam Types Embankment Dams Concrete Dams Spillways The Environment Building A Power Station
Construction Getting the Water Electricity in Industry Electricity in the Home
Moving Things Providing Heat Light and Sound Safety
Wind Hydrogen

  • OZClim   Exploring climate change scenarios for Australia  CSIRO

    • Classroom Antarctica   Classroom Antarctica is a comprehensive online teaching resource produced by the Australian Antarctic Division. It is particularly aimed at grades 5 to 8.
    • Climate Change

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Drought cycles in Australia

The Drought in South-east Australia- a series of maps showing the deterioration of vegetation between 2005 and 2009

  • Renewable & Non renewable energy sources compiled by Jackie Miers, Magill Primary School South Australia

  • Guide to Youth Action   Download PDF. 3.5MB TakingITGlobal Canada.

An excellent resource for senior students in planning how, together, they can make a difference.



Climate Code Red - The Case for emergency Action. David Spratt & Phillip Sutton . Quotes from this source

The Arctic Challenge -The Arctic Ocean could be nearly ice-free at the end of summer by 2012' —  Dr Jay Zwally , glaciologist, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center  This is the project site for a forthcoming book about green technology in the U.S. by Alexis Madrigal. Designed as an open research platform, the site features green tech maps.


NASA -Earth Observatory -Global Warming Feature

A comprehensive resource for students on the problems currently facing the Earth.


Articles and Papers


Two hundred people turned out to hear Ross Gelbspan speak at the Jamaica Plain Forum a couple months ago. He gave us an hour of unvarnished truth, summarized recent climate science, and drove home the reality that nothing short of immediate, transformative, global action is sufficient.


If humanity wishes to preserve a planet similar to that on which civilization developed and to which life on Earth is adapted, paleoclimate evidence and ongoing climate change suggest that CO2 will need to be reduced from its current 385 ppm to at most 350 ppm. The largest uncertainty in the target arises from possible changes of non-CO2 forcings.

The Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists is an independent group of Australian scientists concerned with advancing solutions to secure the long term health of Australia's land, water and biodiversity.

Blue Prints Go to category blueprints from the Home Page

Real Climate web site Real Climate from Real Scientists

The Pew Centre - scientific, political, social, economic, technological aspects of climate change.

The Wilderness Society - climate change pages

Modelling of the Future of Transport Fuels in Australia CSIRO National research report.

Australian Government




Lesson Plans

The Australia Institute

Teaching Climate Change- a resource for teachers and Students. 9 modules for teaching Climate Change Science.

Habitat of animals

  • Animal Habitats- an activity that assists children in gaining an understanding of habitat.
  • Habitat Adventure- an activity that assists children in exploring the www to understand the concept of habitat.

No Magic Borders- An arbitrary line on a map will not keep wildlife such as kangaroos, possums or birds from leaving a protected area in search of food, or force wildlife to follow a traditional migration pattern. In this lesson, students will learn about how important it is to take care of our land and protect it from pollution.