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Take Action against Climate Change

Measure your Carbon footprint

Say No to Carbon Offset Schemes

The calculators accessible from this site will allow you to calculate the eco-footprint for your household, office or school.

The Australian Greenhouse Calculator

The Australian Greenhouse Calculator is a program that will calculate your yearly greenhouse gas emissions based on the information you provide. The calculator will also compare your greenhouse emissions with that of a 'typical' house and a 'green' house.

Have your voice heard
Suggestions for school action
Take Some Personal Action

Follow the suggestions made at the Sustainable Living Tasmania's Climate Change Site


It's Up to Me

Reduce your emissions

at Home WWF



at Work

Download :The Guide to Action for Youth,  published by TakingITGlobal Canada.(PDF. 3.5 MB)

The Need for Urgent Action

3 Degrees Report WWF

Australia's Wildlife- Australian species and climate Change

Accredited Greenpower Providers

Waterwise- fun tips as to how you can help to manage water more efficiently.

Carbon offset schemes: a quick and dirty overview

Carbon offset schemes have some problems that make them ineffective at best, and potentially dangerous: