"Winderdoon" is our home on the northern slopes of the Tamar valley at Windermere, Launceston, Tasmania.

The property has been farmland for over 170 years since settlement,

and has now been converted into a food garden and home for us to share with those who share our interests.

As educators we are committed to World Education Forum Tasmania inc.

This organisation supports The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals particularly in education, to ensure inclusive and equitable education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

The Christopher Strong Education Trust has been formed for this purpose: to fund the training of teachers

for the Tarime region of Tanzania through The Peter Hewitt Care for Africa Foundation.

Our interests are organic gardening for vegetables and berries, native plant propagation, viticulture, winemaking, bird watching and bushwalking.

The Cool Climate Classroom offers detailed month by month advice on growing vegetables and making wine in a cool climate region.

These pages are free to access and are regularly updated, offering guidance for those interested in growing fruit

and vegetables in a cool climate such as here in The Tamar Valley.

Extensive guidance on growing wine grapes and making wine at home can also be found here.

View Cool Climate Classroom teaching pages

Please browse our pages and share our interests.

Share the seasons of our garden.

 Margaret & Jon Hosford

"Winderdoon", Launceston ,Tasmania


Our garden

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